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Analysis: First Night a Success

Covering a convention means lots of access, but it also means being out of the media bubble.  Normally, I watch TV all day as I blog.  This allows me to understand how MSNBC, FOX, CNN, etc. are covering a story.  Though I can see several TV's from my work station, I cannot hear what is being said (tomorrow, I'll start watching online).

Having said that, based on what I'm seeing on TV, it seems like tonight was a huge success for the McCain campaign.  I'm seeing lots of shots of Cindy McCain and The First Lady -- as well as videos from the governors talking about the hurricane situation.  There was no Bush or Cheney speech -- just two terrific spouses talking about helping hurting people -- and Republican governors showing they are prepared to handle a crisis.

Let me know if I'm out-of-the-media-bubble-loop -- but it looks like, though tonight was scaled-back -- it was a media success...

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