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Pat Buchannan Predicts it's Tom Ridge

Fox is convinced it's Palin.  MSNBC is convinced it's Ridge.  What does that tell you???

... Pat Buchanan 
says Tom Ridge puts PA in play...

... Joe Scarborough thinks it has to be Ridge because, "you can't have a one-term governor from Alaska that nobody knows..."  He also says conservatives won't stay home over this...

Scarborough says that Joe Biden would eat Palin alive in a debate. Do you actually think that would hurt McCain?  You could argue that having big bad loquacious Joe run her over would be good for the ticket ...

All I can say is it sure as heck better not be.  Keep your fingers crossed for Sarah Palin (she is reportedly in Dayton) ...  Otherwise, all hell breaks loose... 

And, by the way, if this Palin leak did come from McCain, it has to be Palin.  i don't think you would float her name -- this close to the decision -- if you were going to pick a "traditional" veep ...


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