A Homerun: Palin Pick Impresses <em>Conservative Base</em>

Posted: Aug 29, 2008 12:28 PM


Who would have thought that John McCain could impress the Council for National Policy -- the group made up of conservative movers-and-shakers who have long criticized McCain?

I just received a call from someone attending their conclave this week.  According to this person: 

"I'm watching this at CNP.  The entire CNP is at standing ovation right now ... women are crying here!"

This is nothing short of spectacular...  Remember last year when there were rumors that conservatives would form a 3rd party if Rudy Giuliani got the nomination?  That was a meeting which took place during the CNP convention.  Granted, McCain and Rudy don't have identical positions (McCain is pro-life, for instance), but McCain has never been a favorite of many members of the conservative movement.

By the way, Palin looks great, and isn't it interesting that today is her anniversary -- and McCain's birthday?