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Biden Shows Obama's Lobbyist Hypocrisy

Barack Obama has railed against lobbyists and their influence, yet he has chosen as his veep nominee someone who has been lobbied by his own son’s lobbying firm.  It’s just another way in which Obama’s whole “change” message seems to have been undermined by his veep choice. 


But is Biden's son's lobbying an issue?  Well, in Biden's own words:  

"Lobbyists aren’t bad people. Special interests groups aren’t bad people. But guess what? They’re corrosive. People who accept the money from them aren’t bad people, but its human nature. You go out and bundle in $250,000 for me, all legal, and then you call me after I’m elected and say ‘Joe, I’d like to come and talk to you about something.’ You didn’t buy me, but its human nature – you helped me – and I’m going to say ‘Sure Lynn, Come on in.’”

Again, as far as I'm concerned, the issue is not lobbying -- it is hypocrisy.  Obama rails against lobbying, but yet his veep pick shows avoiding lobbyist influence is not a priority for him.

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