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Rumors on the Internets ...

For what it's worth ...

1).  I'm hearing that tensions were high recently when veteran actor Robert Duvall was taping a voice-over for a video to be played during the Republican National Convention.  Apparently, the veteran actor objected to the direction he was receiving from Republican media guru
Fred Davis.  According to my sources, Duvall said something along the lines of:  "F-you Fred!  If Scorsese couldn't give me direction, what the hell makes you think you can?"  Though this blow-up is actually recorded on tape, my guess is it's in everyone's best interest for this to not leak out ...

2).  A source tells me Secret Service agents were all over the Minnesota State House yesterday.  Is this a hint that Tim Pawlenty will get the veep nod?  Maybe, or maybe not ...

3).  As MSNBC continues to cast itself as the "anti-Fox," the NYT is reporting that liberal Rachel Maddow will replace Dan Abrams.


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