Steve Schmidt's Nose Bleeds When Angry?

Posted: Jul 23, 2008 2:24 PM
Today's WSJ has a good profile on McCain aide Steve Schmidt.  Here's the part I found most interesting:

"Those who have worked with him before say the McCain campaign should steel itself. 'The nostrils would flare, he would get very red-faced and angry, and you would just want to quit,' Kevin Madden, a Bush war-room colleague, says. He also says he always learned something from Mr. Schmidt: “It was the learning part that would always make you forget the part where you basically wanted to crash a chair over his head.”

Mr. Schmidt’s intense approach matches the man. Two colleagues say that when Mr. Schmidt gets really angry, his nose bleeds, though Mr. Schmidt denies it. Sometimes he stares at a questioner for several moments while forming a response. Then words stream out of his mouth at a steady clip, in a distinct New Jersey accent."