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Family Matters

A lot  of bloggers  are talking about this story about McCain's first wife  

"Some of McCain’s acquaintances are less forgiving, however. They portray the politician as a self-centred womaniser who effectively abandoned his crippled wife to ‘play the field’. They accuse him of finally settling on Cindy, a former rodeo beauty queen, for financial reasons."
Some McCain supporters take solace in the fact that McCain and his ex-wife are still friends.  My take is that it's unrealistic to assume someone could come back from years of torture as a POW, and resume normal domestic tranquility -- even with the person who stuck with them through the whole mess. 

This, of course, doesn't mean that a survivor has to leave his wife.  And McCain doesn't cite this reason as an excuse -- he blames himself.  Still, I think the emotional baggage that comes with going through what he went through has to have a dramatic impact on relationships. 

Personally, this story seems like a bit of a hit job.  It's not terribly surprising, since some Hillary supporters -- and some conservatives -- have recently stepped-up attacks on Michelle Obama.  Still, it's an issue that is going to come out, so we might as well address it here and now ...

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