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The Sex And The City Phenom ...

It's being described by some as Indiana Jones or Star Wars ... for women.  I knew this movie would be big; I had no idea it would be this big.  ... And it seems to cross cultural and political lines.  I keep running into conservative ladies who are obsessed with the movie -- several of whom attended the Midnight debut on Thursday.  (I'm waiting to hear what Michelle Malkin has to say about that ...)

Regardless of how you feel about the cultural impact, now, it has impacted my life.  On Friday night, I attempted to swing by the Georgetown Ritz for happy hour.  This is normally a quiet little bar area where you can relax and actually have a conversation.  But I couldn't get in the door. 

The place was loaded full of dozens and dozens of young women sipping Cosmopolitans.  The music, of course, was blaring.  When I returned an hour, or so, later from dinner, the place was empty.  The bartender told me they were all at the movie.   Apparently, this was one of those pre-Sex and the City movie parties we've been hearing about (I knew this sort of thing went on -- but I never thought I'd see one ...)

It looks like this is going to be a blockbuster that pulls in $60 - 70 million this weekend (not bad for a glorified episode of a TV show).  My guess is this phenomenon isn't just tied to big cities like NYC and DC.

Any reports from your town?

Update:  The WaPost points out that this idea is essentially a Hollywood re-tread.

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