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Rush Hits McCain on Global Warming

On today's show, Rush Limbaugh went after John McCain for his speech on the environment yesterday in Oregon.  Here's an excerpt from today's show:

"I'm gonna tell you something, folks, when it comes to global warming and the hoax and the fixes for this hoax, the solution, we do not have one of the three presidential candidates who differs from each other.  We are cooked.  Our goose is cooked on this.  It doesn't matter who you vote for, for president, we're going to get a liberal Democrat approach to fixing something that doesn't exist. 

... I have not faced this situation before.  I have not faced a situation where a major Republican presidential candidate sounds just like a liberal Democrat and I know of no other thing to do here than to tell you the truth about this.  This is embarrassing, and it is frightening."


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