The Jindal Factor ...

Posted: May 06, 2008 9:35 AM

As I noted last night, my new Politico piece focuses on Romney v. Huckabee.  My theory is that these two will meet again.  And while the piece notes that neither of the two might get the Veep nod, it does not deal with the obvious fact that if McCain wins, his V.P. would obviously have an "inside track" to the next nomination battle.

And because I wrote the piece a few days ago, it does not address Bill Kristol's column yesterday about the prospects of La governor Bobby Jindal as veep.

Obviously, if Jindal were to become Vice President, that would be a devastating blow to the hopes of both Romney and Huckabee.  Note:  I go into this making the assumption that every politician -- especially those who have run before --wants to be president.

I don't think Jindal will be picked, but you've got to bet that he will also be fighting it out with Mitt and Huck in the future ...

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