Obama Adviser: Obama Was In Search of "Blackness"

Posted: May 05, 2008 9:20 AM
This Newsweek quote -- from an Obama adviser -- about why Oprah Winfrey left Rev. Wright's church, but Obama didn't, is drawing a lot of attention ...
"Friends of Sen. Barack Obama, whose relationship with Wright has rocked his bid for the White House, insist that it would be unfair to compare Winfrey's decision to leave Trinity United with his own decision to stay. "[His] reasons for attending Trinity were totally different,'' said one campaign adviser, who declined to be named discussing the Illinois senator's sentiments. "Early on, he was in search of his identity as an African-American and, more importantly, as an African-American man. Reverend Wright and other male members of the church were instrumental in helping him understand the black experience in America. Winfrey wasn't going for that. She's secure in her blackness, so that didn't have a hold on her.''

(Emphasis mine).