McCain Hardest on His Friends?

Posted: Apr 26, 2008 2:30 PM
Here at the THblog, I've tried to be fair to John McCain -- even when that wasn't popular.  But his recent denunciation of the NC GOP ad as "out of touch" has him once again coming dangerously close to alienating conservatives, and jeopardizing his already tenuous relationship with many members of the conservative base. 

There is a narrative developing about McCain that goes like this:  He is more forgiving of liberals than he is of conservatives.  He is quicker to criticize conservatives than he is liberals. 

Conservative leader Morton Blackwell has a couple of maxims that come to mind right now.  One is:  "You can't make friends of your enemies by making enemies of your friends." The other one is:  "Don't treat the good guys like you treat the bad guys."  McCain is coming very close to breaking both axioms.

What is more, his criticisms simply do not make sense.  The NC GOP ad essentially recycles footage that has been shown thousands of times by the mainstream media.  If I were to post a video of Rev. Wright, would McCain say I'm out of touch?

Note:  Some readers may object to any criticisms of the GOP's presidential candidate.  Just because McCain is the presumptive GOP nominee doesn't mean we should serve as a house organ for his campaign.  Quite the contrary, we must praise him when he's right -- but also let you know when we believe he is wrong ...