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RNC Responds to Obama's "100 Years"

On MSNBC this morning, Barack Obama said this:

“... It's certainly different from saying that we would have a high level of combat troops inside Iraq for a decade or two decades or as John McCain said, perhaps 100 years. I am just quoting back what he said. Unless you tell me that that's a misquote.”

... to which RNC spokeswoman Liz Mair responded: 

“Barack Obama seems happy to continue twisting John McCain’s words in a way that has been described by non-partisan as ‘false.’  This is despite seeming acknowledgement from Barack Obama today that he is indeed mischaracterizing John McCain’s position with regard to a continued US troop presence in Iraq.   

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that for all his protestations as to representing a ‘new brand of politics,’ when push comes to shove, Barack Obama is worryingly comfortable continually repeating known falsehoods in order to score political points.  Instead, Obama should stop engaging in such blatant distortion and misrepresentation.  He should, in addition, condemn DNC Chairman Howard Dean who has repeatedly used the same inaccurate talking point, and who recently achieved an all-new-low by slandering John McCain as a ‘blatant opportunist’ for highlighting his record of military service." 


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