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Wronging the Right ...

I love it when liberals give conservatives advice.  Today, E.J. Dionne has done just that with his piece, Righting the Right.  If you haven't read one of these "advice" pieces from the Left, the advice is always the same:  Conservatism is dead; the way to save it is to become more liberal (yes, even if this presumption were true, the solution would be a catch-22).

Of course, as is usual for these pieces, Dionne buttresses his argument by quoting "conservatives" who seem to echo his position.  Of course, these usually aren't real conservatives.  They are often either apostates who have lost the faith, or "compassionate" conservatives who have never fully "bought-in" to the conservative ethos, or even liberal-conservatives (this used to be an oxymoron, I know). 

At the end of the day, the lesson is clear;  the only way for a conservative to prove he has matured, or is open-minded, is to become more liberal. 

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