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More Soren Dayton Twitter Talk...

Just to follow-up on my post from yesterday, Patrick Ruffini and Michael Turk both do a better job than I did in addressing the long-term societal/technological implications of the Soren Dayton/Twitter story.  

You've already read Patrick's take (below), but here are some key questions Turk asks, regarding political operatives's private communication:


Do political operatives now have to fear that their private communication will become tomorrow’s news story?  Do the people that give selflessly in political campaigns have to dread every workday wondering if they will be the campaign’s latest black eye?

How many e-mails did you send today that, taken out of context and publicized on the news, could be an embarrassment to you or your employer?  How many of your personal notes contain jokes about the office, your company’s competitors or some other matter best kept private?

Putting aside the question over whether or not McCain should have reacted the way he did, it is clear that the world has changed, and that nothing is really "private" any more. 

Anyone who works for a campaign or cause will have to be very careful what they write -- or say on -- or off -- the clock ...

In other news, within hours of the controversy, Joshua Trevino created a Support Soren Dayton! Facebook group. 

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