Which Is It, Obama?

Posted: Mar 19, 2008 3:51 PM
Quite often, when I get a press release from a group or organization, such as the RNC, it strikes me they are overreaching by attempting to make something a bigger story than it truly is.  I don't begrudge them that, inasmuch as it's sort of their job to try to get us to pounce on stories ... 

But today, the RNC sent around a press release illustrating Obama's hypocrisy on troop funding, that, I think, warrants a post here.  It truly illustrates how this guy is trying to have almost every issue both ways ...

Today in Fayetteville, Obama said:
"As Commander in Chief, I will begin by giving a military overstretched by Iraq the support it needs."

But this contradicts what he said back in September:  
"If there is a funding bill that does not have a timetable for when we begin withdrawal, and the completion -- a plan for how that withdrawal will proceed -- I will not support it."

As you can see, Obama's rhetoric is inconsistent.  But while his rhetoric is sometimes moderate and sometimes liberal -- his actions are almost always liberal.  

As the RNC points out:

Obama Voted Against Providing $94.4 Billion In Critical Funding For The Troops In Iraq And Afghanistan. (H.R. 2206, CQ Vote #181: Passed 80-14: R 42-3; D 37-10; I 1-1, 5/24/07, Obama Voted Nay)

 Obama Voted Against $70 Billion In Emergency Iraq And Afghanistan Funding. (S. 2340, CQ Vote #410: Rejected 45-53: R 44-3; D 0-49; I 1-1, 11/16/07, Obama Voted Nay)