Don Clinton Never Asks for a 2nd Favor ...

Posted: Mar 03, 2008 11:10 AM
Yesterday's NY Times featured an interesting article about how the Clintons are calling out favors from friends they met on the '72 McCovern campaign in Texas.  I found this quote to be the most interesting:
Mr. Herrera, who had up to that point been undecided in the Democratic race, promptly pledged his support to the Clintons. “The don never asks for a second favor when the first one has been rejected,” he said.
First, it's interesting that a Clinton friend -- who has known them for thirty years -- was still undecided (and needed to have his arm twisted). 

And while I appreciate the Godfather metaphor as much as anyone, does this guy really think it's helpful to the Clintons for him to compare them to an organized crime family?  (Then again, this is the argument I made when Hillary spoofed the Sopranos in a web ad).