McCain Takes on Obama

Posted: Feb 27, 2008 4:36 PM
John McCain was just on MSNBC, giving a live press conference.  Among other things, McCain said he doesn't know why Obama would want to surrender in Iraq, considering how well things are going. 

He also criticized Obama for flip-flopping over whether or not to accept public financing for the General Election ...

Earlier in the day, McCain had mocked Obama for apparently not realizing Al Qaeda is in Iraq.  Obama countered, saying that Al Qaeda wouldn't be in Iraq, had it not been for Bush and McCain deciding to attack Iraq. 

Clearly, this is a sneak-peek at the General Election.  McCain is winning, in the sense that they are fighting on his turf -- the war.

Give McCain credit for taking the fight to Obama, even before Obama has vanquished Hillary ...  But give Obama credit for quickly responding to McCain.

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