Hillary: Remember the Alamo!

Posted: Feb 26, 2008 9:42 AM
With eight days to go before Election Day, a new CNN poll indicates Barack Obama has surged in Texas, and is now tied with Hillary Clinton.  This is terrible news for Hillary, who not only has to win in Texas and Ohio -- but because of the way Democrats allot delegates -- has to win big. 

What is more, while the Texas primary will account for about two-thirds of the delegates awarded in Texas, there is also a caucus (individually called precinct conventions) that will award about a third of the Texas delegates.  As you probably are aware, Obama almost always cleans up at caucuses. 

Another factor that will benefit Obama is the fact that both the primary and precinct conventions are both "open," meaning that Independents -- or even Republicans -- may choose to participate.

Obviously, tonight's debate will be important in determining whether or not Hillary can turn things around and win Texas and Ohio.  Of course, the big question is:  Which Hillary will show up?  Will it be the kinder, gentler Hillary, or the mean, sarcastic Hillary?

Yesterday, I was on MSNBC, talking about the Hillary vs. Obama battle ...