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If yesterday's NTY/McCain story had not been so laughably absurd, the presumptive GOP nominee may have been forced to ask the famous question: "Which office do I go to, to get my reputation back?" 

As former Congressman Bob Barr points out in his Washington Times op-ed today about the pain medication OxyContin, corporations also have a hard time getting their reputations back when attacked by the media.

In his op-ed, Barr writes: 
... even beyond the harm done the manufacturer of a revolutionary pain management drug by being unfairly targeted by overzealous federal investigators and prosecutors — is the fact that the exhaustive study of OxyContin's minimal role in drug abuse has received not even a small percentage of the attention afforded the earlier prejudicial and negative stories launched against it by the media and the government.
... Which, of course, reminds me of how the McCain allegations were on the front page, while the follow-up NYT story is on page A-20.

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