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Sen. Allen Endoses McCain

Former Sen. George Allen endorsed Sen. McCain at CPAC.  This appears to have been in the works prior to the Romney endorsement.  As you may recall, Allen formerly supported Fred Thompson.

At the end of his remarks, everyone -- including me -- thought he had introduced McCain.  It is unclear if this was one accidentally, or to "flush-out" the "booers" (or, at least, let them get it out of their system).  It may have worked.

In fact, the next speaker was Sen. Tom Coburn.  Coburn said, "courage is what matters most in Washington."  Referencing Thad Cochran's comments about McCain, Coburn said, "anything that 'sends chills down the spines' of the spenders in Washington is a good thing."

He also added that McCain doesn't have some secret plan to bring about Amnesty, because if he does, "he knows I'd kill it."


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