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On Dole's Missive

Yeah, if McCain asked Dole (certainly a war hero, but not a conservative hero) to write that letter to Rush, I think that, in itself, shows a lack of understanding of the conservative movement...

McCain's folks attacked Romney, for essentially saying what I just said (he said  Dole was “probably the last person I would have wanted to have write a letter for me.”) The problem is that if Dole's letter was written to establish McCain's patriotic credentials, then they would have a point.  But the letter was written to establish McCain's conservative bona fides.  They could have found a better surrogate for that ...

What is more, Dole reminds voters of a moderate/liberal Republican who LOST the General Election ...

I'm writing from the "green room," getting set to be on CNN at 2:30 ET to talk about this -- and other things bloggoriphic! 

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