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Byron York on Timetables

Well, since quoting NRO about timetables has become the thing to do, here's Byron York on the topic:
" ... I think it's fair to conclude that Romney was saying he was in favor of Bush and Maliki setting a secret timetable for a U.S. troop withdrawal."
Byron makes the same point that I did yesterday -- that this is really a nuanced issue -- and that both sides probably have some good points to make on the topic. 

Are the McCain people trying to make this a bigger issue than it probably is?  You bet!  Are the Romney people over-doing their maudlin act in portraying this as a "below-the-belt" attack?  Of course!  But does McCain have, at least, a legitimate point that is worth debating?  Yes he does ...

The truth is, McCain is desperately trying to change the subject from the economy to Iraq.  Inasmuch as we are now talking about Iraq, it has worked ...


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