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Rudy Goes Down Quiet?

... I'm still stunned that last night came and went, and nobody went after Mitt Romney.  I'm also stunned that Rudy Giuliani -- who has staked his campaign on Florida
-- was so quiet last night.  (Remember how good he was in the early debates?  Where did that guy go???)

This morning on "Morning Mica," Tim Russert posited the theory that Rudy Giuliani saw the writing on the wall, and instead of going out in a blaze of glory, decided to go out with dignity ... as America's Mayor ...

Not sure if that's the real story, but it's the only explanation that sort of makes sense.  Still, Rudy seems like the pugnacious, scrappy kind of guy who won't go down without a fight.  Something about this still bothers me ...

Of course, it's always possible the lack of conflict may bother the blood-thirsty press corps and pundits more than it bothers Florida voters.

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