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Romney Scores Veteran Conservative Endorsement

Jonathan Martin reports that conservative icon (and personal hero to yours truly), Morton Blackwell has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  (Previously, Morton had endorsed
Fred Thompson.)

While Morton Blackwell may not be a household name, he is, without a doubt, one of the most important conservative leaders in America.

It's safe to say he has acolytes serving in the highest echelons of government -- as well as in every major GOP presidential campaign.

Here's one small example that will give you a glimpse into how influential Blackwell is: 

Everyone knows National Review, RedState, and are three of the top outlets for conservative new media, right?  Well, five years ago, National Review's Mark Hemingway, RedState co-founder Mike Krempasky, and yours truly, all three worked for Morton Blackwell  (we are by no means the most prominent of his proteges).

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