Why Money Matters

Posted: Dec 18, 2007 8:42 AM
You've probably wondered how Mike Huckabee, with relatively little money, has been able to get to the top in Iowa. One of the reasons is that as a likable underdog, Huckabee did not have to endure attacks. The real race -- the kind that your about to see -- has just begun. Mitt Romney has the money to run this ad -- and others like it -- day and night for the next three weeks.  Huckabee doesn't have enough money to really respond -- or if he does, you might see one Huckabee ad for every five Romney spots attacking Huckabee.  By the time Romney is done with Huckabee, most Iowans will think he's Mike Dukakis. The good news for Huckabee is that the folks who actually bother to show up to Caucus are less likely to be swayed by ads ...