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Rudy and Huck? Not So Fast ...

Yesterday, Mike Huckabee appeared on ABC's This Week.  Though he was essentially invited to take a shot at Rudy Giuliani (regarding allegations that Rudy used state money for travel and security for his then-girlfriend), Huckabee
refused to take the bait:

"I thought it was a cheap-shot at Rudy,"  Huckabee said, in defense of Giuliani.

For this reason, some people today are speculating that Huckabee might already be auditioning for the role of Giuliani Vice President.

This speculation, of course, has caused some consternation among some social conservatives -- who have send me this clip of Huckabee's June 15, 2007 interview with Scott Wilder with KWRD FM in Dallas: 

Scott Wilder: There are an awfull lot of people worried right now that the Republican Party really is is flirting with the possibility of having a nominee that is not pro-life, what would that mean if they did that.

Mike Huckabee: It Means President Hillary Rodham Clinton. It means the Republican Party loses a whole lot of folks including people like me who didn't become pro life because of my politics I became political because of my pro life convictions. That's what worries me when I see some of the people who say I've argued it both ways, I can be for or I can be against. Hey whatever you need. Well I'm not a whatever you need kind of a guy.


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