Huckabee Camp Responds to My Post ...

Posted: Nov 26, 2007 2:46 PM
Regarding my earlier post about Mike Huckabee, I received an email from Huckabee Director of Research, Joe Carter

As you'll see, he's no fan of Bob Novak, Rudy Giuliani or The Club for Growth.

With his permission, I am posting it here:

Hey Matt,

I have an even better reason why the attacks aren't sticking: they aren't true.

It's disappointing that conservatives have been duped into believing the Huckabee is a "fiscal liberal." He record on spending and taxes is better than any of the candidates in the race who have actual records of governance. The tax burden under Romney was the spending under Rudy were much higher than under Huckabee. Are we going to hear conservatives limning them as a "fiscal liberals?"

I'm also disappointed that you would say that Novak's column is "spot-on." It was nothing more than a rehash of the Club for Growths embarrassingly sloppy analysis (If a Democratic group were to compile a "white paper" by selectively quoting from newspaper clippings no one would take it seriously. So why do we lower the standards for the dishonest hacks at the CFG?)

I'm not asking that Hucakbee get a pass. All I ask is for honest conservatives to assess his record honestly. And to use the same standard against the other candidates.

(Full disclosure: I'm sure you know already, but I'm the new Director of Research for the Huckabee campaign.)


When I cited Huckabee's use of the term "Club for Greed," as well as his criticism of Hedge Fund brokers, as part of my concern, Joe emailed me back. 

Here's an excerpt of that email:

It seems that as long as the rhetoric is good, people will overlook a candidates record. For example, Huckabee instituted sound fiscal policies in his state yet because he takes a shot at hedge fund managers (an issue that most people don't care about), he's labeled a "fiscal liberal." Yet Rudy was a bigger spender than Mayor Dinkins (see the end of this email) and because he talks like a supply-sider he's treated as if he's a fiscal conservative(!).

I just find this trend troubling becaue readers of conservative blogs trust that we are basing our opinions on solid facts.

As for the "Club for Greed" stuff, that was just a bad attempt to make a pun on their name. Huckabee largely agrees with their principles but not their tactics. The CFG sold out their credibility when they allowed Steve Stevens--an earmark loving AR businessman--to use the group to get back at his political rival (see more here: The CFG has also beocme a joke after giving such high marks to Giuliani, the most fiscally liberal candidate on the GOP side.

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