Romney Hits Back on Immigration ...

Posted: Nov 14, 2007 2:58 PM

As predicted, Governor Romney responded to Governor Huckabee’s Immigration attack on Fox News’ Live Desk today:

Fox News' Martha MacCallum:  "Well, he actually had some pretty strong things to say about you, and I want to play a sound byte in a second.  But this refers to the fact that you criticized him for offering tuition breaks to the children of illegal immigrants.  Let's look at this and then we'll get your reaction."

Governor Mike Huckabee:  "I guess Mitt Romney would rather keep people out of college so they can keep working on his lawn since he had illegals there.  But the point is, you don't punish a child for the crime of the parent."

MacCallum:  "What do you think about that Governor?"

Governor Mitt Romney:  "Well, you know, this is not a laughing matter.  Illegal immigration is not a joke, it's something serious.  And the seriousness of this is very plain to see, which is in the case of Mike Huckabee, he believes that illegal aliens ought to get a tuition break.  He fought for that in his state schools.  I had a bill like that put on my desk.  I said, 'No.'  I said, 'It's simply not fair for the children of illegal aliens to get a special discount on their tuition when U.S. citizens from all the other states would have to pay a higher rate.'  It doesn't make sense for the children of citizens to pay a higher rate than the children of illegal aliens."