Is Thompson Backtracking ... Or Not?

Posted: Nov 06, 2007 8:37 AM
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Having said my piece, I was happy to let yesterday's Fred Thompson abortion story fade away.  But Thompson's campaign won't let that happen.

Perhaps sensing Thompson's Meet the Press comments had potential to hurt her candidate among social conservatives, Thompson's new Grassroots Director Shannon Royce told David Brody this:

(Thompson) has no intention of changing the platform. I can tell you that he is not going to change the platform.

The only problem is that her clarification seems to contradict Thompson's own comments on Meet the Press:

Russert:  Could you run as a candidate on that platform, promising a Human Life Amendment banning all abortions?

Thompson:  No.

... So let me get this straight: Fred Thompson "has no intention of changing the platform" -- but he also won't run as a candidate on that platform ...  

Royce's clarification may not directly contradict Thompson's comments.  Instead, they preclude his winning the nomination; The only way that he could accomplish both goals is to lose ...

Did Thompson misspeak on Sunday?  Is his staffer misrepresenting his positions?  Is he willing to reverse course and now promise to keep the platform?  Who knows??