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The Empire Strikes Back!

A tried-and-true technique of the Clinton machine is to attack the attacker (think Paula Jones, Ken Starr, et al.).  Fearing Hillary's stumble at the recent Dem debate might have set a negative template in motion, the Clinton campaign is aggressively doing damage control.  Part of this involves smacking her opponents by putting out a
video highlighting what her campaign has begun to refer to as the "politics of pile on" (from the people who brought you the "politics of personal destruction" and the "vast right wing conspiracy," comes "the politics of pile on" ...).

... But part of that damage control also involves taking a few shots at moderator Tim Russert, for having the audacity to "pick on the girl."  In truth, it is unlikely she can take down Russert -- a respected member of the mainstream liberal establishment -- but that's probably not her goal.  Instead, this will likely serve to send a warning shot to remind others that attacking Hillary Clinton has consequences ...

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