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Interview: Steve Forbes on Rudy

I had a chance to interview Rudy Giuliani supporter Steve Forbes about ...

Last night's debate, his support of Rudy Giuliani, the Flat Tax, the Line Item Veto,  Abortion, and more ...

In terms of the Flat Tax, he told me: "I think (Giuliani has) made a lot of progress on that."  He admits Giuliani isn't where he is on the flat tax, but says he's, "moving in that direction." 

I asked him about his support of Giuliani, in lieu of the fact that in 2000 he criticized then-Governor George W. Bush for not making abortion a litmus test, saying at the time: "The front-runner will not promise to appoint pro-life judges, but I have and will ..."

He points out that Giuliani, "created an environment where the abortion rate fell faster in New York City than it did nationwide."

Listen to the rest ...


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