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Newt Video and Quotes

Here's some video of yesterday:

You can listen to my full interview with Speaker Gingrich here.

Rob Bluey has video of his interview with the Speaker, pictures
and a recap.   Capt. Ed has audio here

Following are the quotes from our interview that I found most interesting:

On whether or not he will run for office:
As a middle-class person, I can't compete with Governor Romney who can write a personal check for a hundred million dollars.  But if there is a big enough citizen movement that wants to have somebody who could debate Senator Clinton next year and somebody who could outline and articulate our values, then I think we'd be compelled to run ... The goal would be by October 21 to have made a definitive ...
He compared his style to the current GOP candidates by saying:
... Some of (the other GOP candidates) thought that they would announce on Letterman or Leno or something like that ... I would probably announce on CSPAN.  And I'd probably do it with an hour long speech.
On how to beat Hillary Clinton, he told me that for Hillary, at least:
I don't think the Swift Boat Veterans model works.
On his recent comments that Republicans should participate in debates hosted by Hispanic and African-American groups, including the PBS debate hosted by Tavis Smiley last night ...

I wouldn't do any multi-candidate debate, because they are stupid.  But I'd be happy to be on Tavis's show -- I've done it before.
Newt on Sarkosy:
I think he's the best European change-agent since Margaret Thatcher.
On our current system:
Katrina was a disaster.  The border is uncontrolled. An Interstate Highway bridge falls in Minnesota... the President means well ...
On the SCHIP:
"The SCHIP is credit card politics ... Why would you tax somebody who earns 35 thousand dollars a year to transfer the money at family that earns 85 thousand dollars?  ... This is a vote for a tax increase.
On his Speakership:
The Lewinsky scandal, ironically, was bad both for the president and for the Republican Congress.  It took all the intellectual, policy-oriented, interesting things  out of the system, and for a year we wallowed in trash, frankly ...
Special thanks to Speaker Gingrich and American Solutions Media Coordinator Dan Kotman for allowing me to interview him.

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