Newt Would Announce on CSPAN

Posted: Sep 28, 2007 9:24 AM
Mark Memmott over at USA Today's On Politics blog references these two quotes from my interview with Newt yesterday ..

"Some of (the other GOP candidates) thought that they would announce on Letterman or Leno or something like that. ... I would probably do it on C-SPAN.  And I'd probably do it with an hour-long speech."

"As a middle-class person, I can't compete with governor Romney -- who can write a personal check for a hundred million dollars. But if there is a big enough citizen movement that wants to have somebody who could debate Sen. Clinton next year and somebody who could outline and articulate our values, then I think we'd be compelled to run."

Update - 9:56:  Here's the webcast of the American Solutions kick-off.