McCain Should Avoid Sunday Morning Shows

Posted: Sep 14, 2007 4:08 PM
John McCain is set to debate John Kerry about Iraq on Meet the Press this Sunday.

McCain seems physically unable to turn down a Sunday-morning appearance -- he's on almost every week -- and this strikes me as a mistake. 

While most candidates benefit from any increased "face-time," McCain only benefits when he is portrayed as a "candidate."  For example, he does well at town hall meetings, debates, etc.

Conversely, in my estimation, he loses momentum any time he appears as a "Senator" on inside-the-beltway shows, press conferences, etc.

In fairness, this particular Sunday may be the exception.  After all, McCain does well with the Republican base when talking about the Surge. 

But to make this appearance a net gain, McCain can't afford to be "Senatorial" or chummy with Kerry.  McCain should see this as a golden opportunity to really go after John Kerry and the Democrats ...