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The GOP Three: An August Analysis

It's August, and it's important to remember that four years ago, exactly, Howard Dean and Joe Lieberman were doing well -- and John Kerry was starting to fall apart. Still, punditry goes on, and, as such, here are my thoughts on three of the candidates ...

1. Mitt Romney - Some people think that video of him getting angry at the WHO radio host made him look bad. Not me. It made me like him even more. One of my criticisms of Romney has been that he seems a bit phony. In this clip, we got a glimpse of the real Mitt Romney. And yes, real people get angry. Now, whether or not this will turn into an "I paid for this microphone," moment remains to be seen. Still, I don't think it hurts him (and it might help him)...

2. Fred Thompson - E.J. Dionne writes today that, "... Thompson's decision to delay his entry into the race until the fall is looking like a mistake." As a renowned (and self-confessed) "ladies man," Thompson should have realized that in the game of seduction you must strike while the iron is hot. Failing to do so allows your audience to sober up, get bored, or worse..start paying attention to some other dude. In short, timing is everything, and you've got to move while the audience is still under your spell. He has not.

Is Thompson making the same mistake Wes Clark made by getting in late in '03? My guess is that once he gets in, Fred's political experience will mean he avoids the same gaffes that cost Clark early on.

Still, it's August and things change. Fred can still regain his groove ...

3. Rudy Giuliani - Part of me wishes Rudy would just become a social conservative. But, ironically, by being open and honest about his position on abortion, he has almost inoculated himself from attack (at least, for now). Think about it; Romney, Brownback (and, to a lesser extent, Huckabee) are all fighting over who is the most Pro-Life. Meanwhile, Rudy is unscathed...

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