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Yesterday, I had a chance to chat with former U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson, on his support of Rudy Giuliani.

My first question to Mr. Olson was why a social conservative support Rudy should. According to Olson, there are really three reasons...

First, Olson tells me the most important thing a president can do is confirm good conservative judges. Having known Rudy since 1981, Olson is convinced Rudy will appoint good judges.

Second, Olson believes that before a conservative president can do any good, he must first get elected. Rudy, he says, has the best shot of any Republican to actually win against Hillary.

Lastly, he tells me that, like Reagan, Rudy has the power of personality. As Olson explains, voters don't go down a checklist of twenty things and then vote for the candidate who agrees with them on the greatest number of issues. Instead, voters are looking for a candidate who has character and leadership. Rudy has that -- and that transcends single issues.

... I also asked him about yesterday’s WaPost article about Jeri Thompson -- and Peggy Noonan's contention yesterday that, "Americans would prefer a first lady who doesn't seem like she ever hungered for it."

He tells me that Rudy values Judith, but also understands the American public elects a president to lead, and not a spouse. He says such stories are "crap" and are largely meant to sell newspapers.

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