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Ron Paul's Insurgent Ames Strategy

... So it seems some Ron Paul supporters are considering having Mitt Romney pay for their transportation to the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll:

Mitt Romney plans to bribe Iowans to vote for him in the key Ames Straw Poll (flier below). He’ll pay all the expenses for an Iowan, feed them and transport them to and from the event in an effort to buy
their vote.

Some say if Mitt is willing to bus Iowan’s to Ames for the Straw Poll…they should take him up on his offer!

Some say Mitt Romney could pay for your $35 straw poll fee, transport you to and from the event, and buy you ‘Iowa’s Best B-B-Q.’

Some say that then, after carefully weighing their options…..they may decide to vote Ron Paul at the Ames Straw Poll!

If interested, you could call Mitt for the free package at 866.505.2008 (details on flier below).


My take: These Ron Paul guys are living off the land, and running an insurgent campaign that is reminiscent of guerilla warfare tactics used against a bigger and stronger opponent.

Is it unchivalrous? Perhaps. But it's hard for an under-funded candidate to play by the proper rules of campaign etiquette. Will it be effective? Time will tell...

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