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Rep. Scott Garrett has issued this statement regarding the Democrats' tactics last night:

(Washington, DC) In response to the deceptive tactics led by the Democratic Party last night, Rep. Garrett issued the following statement:

“The Democrats, who campaigned on promoting a more “open and honest Congress” have been busy silencing free speech on the floor and continuing to break promises to the American people.

Last night, the Democrats deceptively altered votes on a measure to provide benefits to illegal immigrants after the gavel had already closed the vote. Before announcing the final vote, Democrats changed it to favor their party and give aid to illegal immigrants. That's right, Democrats care more about giving free benefits to illegal immigrants than keeping promises they've made to American citizens.

It's imperative that the Democrats remember that they not only silence the Members who are speaking against these deceptive tactics but also the constituents they represent.”


You can keep up-to-date on this event over at Congressman Campbell's Green Eye Shade Blog.

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