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Camp Obama!

If you're a young socialist with a few days to kill this summer, then this is for you:

The campaign is now hosting three-day training sessions in four different locations around the country. Supporters will learn more about the campaign's vision for America and how best to get organized. After each training you will be asked to support campaign efforts in an early primary or caucus state in your region as well as build up your local grassroots efforts.
Of course, this makes me wonder what the other camps might be like ...

... Camp Romney? (Enjoy two glorious summers of time biking around France and going door-to-door.)

... Camp Thompson? (Take in a fun-filled, laid-back summer. No stress or hard work. Just relaxation. And don't worry about registering for camp until the last minute ...)

... Camp Hillary? (You fill in the fun details).

... Camp McCain? (Spend your summer dialing for dollars inside a very intense camp. Warning: Many campers will be sent home early)

H/T: Hanlon

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