Rudy's Political Fire Fight

Posted: Jul 11, 2007 5:33 PM

Firefighters, ostensibly a group which should be pro-Giuliani, are trying to Swiftboat Rudy Giuliani.  This is from their website:

"Rudy has used the horrible events of September 11 to create a persona that is an elaborate fabrication," says IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger. "He is nothing more than a shameless self-promoter."

Of course, it would be more correct to point out that this is a Firefighter's Union.

Rudy's campaign fired back today with a press release showing the IAFF is, in fact, a partisan organization partisan:

IAFF Endorsed Dukakis In 1988. (“Firefighters’ Union Endorses Dukakis,” The Associated Press, 8/2/88)

IAFF Endorsed Clinton-Gore In 1992 And 1996. (IAFF, “America’s Fire Fighters Endorse Clinton-Gore,” Press Release, 8/7/92; IAFF, “Fire Fighters Endorse Clinton-Gore,” Press Release, 8/23/96)

IAFF Endorsed Gore In 2000. (IAFF, “Fire Fighters Endorse Gore For President,” Press Release, 1/21/99)

In 2004, “IAFF Was The First Labor Union To Endorse Democrat John Kerry's Race For The President, And Its President Was At Kerry's Side Through Much Of The Campaign.” (Fox News’ “Special Report,” 3/8/07)

IAFF Did Not Poll Its Members Before Making Kerry Endorsement. “‘I think the thing that really teed off a lot of firefighters was that nobody was polled about that,’ said David Powell, a nonunion member who serves as chief of the all-volunteer Reedley Fire Department. ‘The members were not asked about it.’” (Michael Doyle, “Union's Support Ignites Firefight,” Fresno Bee, 8/8/04)


Schaitberger Was “One Of Eight National Cochairs Of John Kerry's Campaign.” (Matthew Continetti, “How To Stage A Controversy,” The Weekly Standard, 3/22/04)

“Schaitberger … Appeared On Stage With Kerry When He Claimed His Iowa Prize [In 2004]…” (James O'Toole and Bill Toland, “Fight For Firefighters' Favor,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/25/04)

Schaitberger At Kerry Endorsement Press Conference: “[T]he Bush Administration Has Thrust Our Nation Into The Worst Economic Crisis Since The Great Depression” (IAFF, “Fire Fighters Endorse Kerry for President,” Press Release, 9/24/03)