Rudy's "12 Commitments" May Get Muddy

Posted: Jun 13, 2007 12:19 PM

In choosing to run on "12 commitments," Rudy Giuliani is breaking a cardinal rule of politics, which is: Keep it simple, stupid!

Most candidates are well advised to run on no more than 3 big issues.  That's because the average person spends about 7 minutes a week thinking about politics.  As such, a candidate is lucky if he can get the public to remember one or two things, let alone 12!

It's not that you shouldn't have a detailed play.  But when it comes to "selling" your plan, sticking to three bullet points is usually the best strategy.

Though he accomplished many things, Ronald Reagan was known primarily for two things:  Restoring optimism in America -- and beating the Communists ...