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Those Politically Correct Conservatives ...

Yesterday, I posted about Joe Scarborough's comments.  Today, RedState's Erick has joined the chorus of conservative bloggers who are trying to "Imus" Joe Scarborough (he is currently encouraging folks to call MSNBC and CQ, to complain).  Maybe we can get Al Sharpton in on the act, too? 


Again, I am not defending what Scarborough said.  But what I am concerned about is that conservatives are now joining the hand-wringing politically-correct crowd.   Do we want to create an environment where we do away with all edgy political and social content, in favor of hackneyed conversation?  I hope not.

By the way, anyone who is on the air for 4 hours a day -- and is attempting to be humorous -- will slip up.  I guarantee you that Rush Limbaugh (whom I greatly admire), occasionally crosses the line.  That's the price we pay for entertaining and satirical content. 





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