McCain Rocks the Boat ...

Posted: May 24, 2007 11:07 AM

Dean, I agree with you that McCain has been wrong on several important issues.  I've always opposed campaign finance reform, for example.  But I would also argue that all the GOP frontrunners are bad on most of these issues. 

If you're talking Immigration, Romney and Rudy have both been (at least, in the very recent past) pro-Amnesty.  By the way, so is George W. Bush. 

I've really come to believe that when George Allen dropped out, we were pretty much doomed to have a GOP nominee that would not fully satisfy any conservative.  Not that Allen was perfect, but he was the closest thing to a "Reagan" candidate that we had a chance to nominate.  So -- yes -- McCain is wrong on a variety of issues.  But so is the rest of the field....  Why does McCain evoke so much of the scorn?