A Political "Subway Series"?

Posted: May 24, 2007 8:18 AM

When I was in NY last weekend, the Yankees played the Mets, and it was the talk of the town. 

... Which made me wonder about the possibility of a political Subway Series beteween Rudy, Hillary, and Bloomberg.

Today's Politico features an article about why a Bloomberg campaign could matter:

GOP pollster Frank Luntz -- who was director of research for Perot in 1992 -- argues that if Bloomberg runs, he would top Perot's 19 percent.

"Number one, Bloomberg is willing to spend his money, and Ross Perot was not. Bloomberg has a record of governing, and Ross Perot did not," Luntz said. "Also, Perot never liked politics. Bloomberg understands what it's all about and has been through two elections."

I wonder how the ratings would be for an all-NY political debate?