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Re: Blogging is Not About Writing

Patrick, I agree with you that we need more activism. 

But it's important to remember that the question wasn't about whether or not bloggers should call upon readers to take action.  The fact that we have an Action Center is proof that we believe in that. 


The real question -- the question Dean was asking -- is whether or not conservative blogs should adopt the tactics and rhetoric of the Left. 

For example, is it appropriate to say you are "Declaring War" on Republicans Members of Congress? 

 I'm not sure what the answer to that question is -- but I think it's worthy of a debate...

On a separate note, it's ironic that you mention the Heritage Foundation as an example of a group who focuses on ideas, as opposed to outright activism.  As I'm sure you know, Rob Bluey (who wrote the original post about Dean) works for Heritage. 

Heritage does great work.  So does Li.  So does the Right to Life.  So does Right to Work.  We've all got our part to play in the conservative movement ... 

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