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Posted: May 10, 2007 2:45 PM

Dean makes a very good point about how weekly news magazines are always behind the curve (gotta love the internet!)

But regarding the argument that it was Romney's wife -- not the candidate, himself -- who made the donation, there is an interesting wrinkle.  Romney's spokesman told the Boston Globe:

... the check was written from the Romneys' joint checking account, but she signed it and the contribution came from her, Madden said. Mitt Romney has not donated to the group, Madden said.

It's unclear whether or not the fact that it was a joint account will make a difference to anyone.  But it's an interesting wrinkle.

This story raises two other interesting issues:

1.  It is presumable that either the McCain campaign or the Romney campaign leaked the story of Rudy's donations to Planned Parenthood to Jonathan Martin.  If it was the Romney campaign, this would be an example of very sloppy staff work.  You never attack someone for something that you, yourself, are guilty of.

2.  Planned Parenthood presumably made the Romney contribution public.  This cannot be a good policy.  Future donors to Planned Parenthood may have to now worry about whether or not the group will honor their confidentiality policy.