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Regarding Chris Matthews

I'm one of those weird conservatives who loves Chris Matthews. His book, "Hardball" is a classic. And unless Dick Morris is on FOX, I usually don't learn much from their shows. But I always learn something from Matthews (or his guests). Classic example: Last night Ben Ginsberg was a guest on Hardball.


He also has folks like Chuck Todd (granted, there is some synergy involved there). In any event, I think that Chris Matthews will make tonight's debate, at least, fun.

He's sort of the John Madden of politics, in the sense that he's almost as much fun to watch as the "players." As someone who has worked with candidates to "prep" them for debates, etc., I can tell you that it would be virtually impossible to prepare for a Chris Matthews (as moderator) debate. He will likely ask at least one totally crazy question, like: "Who's the real Jerry MaGuire in this race?" And I'm willing to bet the unpredicatbility of his questions will result in -- for once -- some honest dialogue (instead of the usual "canned" answers ...

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