Why Liberals Win the Pop Culture War

Posted: Apr 17, 2007 8:55 AM

Had they happened months apart, the Imus incident -- and the VA Tech massacre -- both would have had the potential to reignite the debate over video games, music and lyrics.  Combined, the debate is inevitable.

Where's Tipper???

I'm not going to go after rap music or violent video games.  That's not my shtick (I'll let that up to others ... they've got lots to work with).  But this did make me think about the powerful influence media (movies, video games, etc.) has on our culture -- and more specifically -- our politics. 

And I did want to share a couple of instances where I think the Left does a much better job of spreading their message than we do. 

This first video I wanted to share is called Land of Confusion.  It's a cover of an old Genesis tune (the original video mocked Ronald Reagan):


When it first came out, this video was on MTV constantly.  In my estimation, the obvious message is anti-capitailst, but I'll let you decide for yourself ...

Here's my hypothesis, though:

While conservatives seek to find ways to use YouTube and modern technology to get our overt political messages out -- the political left is more savvy -- they cloak their messages in music and entertainment.  (The best propaganda is that which appears to be neutral).   

Any wonder why we often lose public policy battles?  Any wonder why we win elections at the same time the culture moves further to the left?

On a more overtly political note, here's Pink's recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Personally, I think the tune isn't half bad.  But the politics is obviously liberal.  Will the average kid who is staying up late buy into her argument? 

Of course, these are just two examples.  The truth is that conservatives are outmaneuvered on this front every day.  We've got our work cut out for us ...