Update From Grove City College

Posted: Apr 12, 2007 2:05 PM

Our roving reporter Lindsay Boyd has an update on the Grove City College conference ...

"Europe has kept their self-righteousness with their hatred of anything American, without the benefits and comforts of faith". That's author Ralph Peter's observation on the status of Christianity's vitality in Europe. He just concluded his discussion on the topic, "Will Western Europe Lash Out at Muslims?" and proposed a radical (I think) possibility that hasn't been touted by many thus far.

Apparently, there's a pervasive concern amongst international scholars that Europe is rapidly losing their Christian luster and before long, could realistically be referred to as "Eurabia". One in 28 persons living in Europe are now practicing the Islamic faith.
However, Mr. Peters believes that Europeans have merely displaced their Christian zeal like we misplace our car keys. We eventually find them because driving is necessary. Europe will find their Christian identity again because it's necessary and history has proven that we tend to produce religious re-births when it's needed most. He reminds us of Martin Luther....the American "Great Awakenings". So the question shouldn't be whether Christianity is dead, but rather, what will happen when it mounts its resurgence?
Mr. Peters points out that Europe has a history of being a deadly continent. Perhaps we shouldn't be afraid of the Muslim "front". Maybe they should be afraid of waking a sleeping lion.
Things are getting mighty interesting here in Grove City- and we're just getting started!